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Quality Framework Domain I
Leadership and Organizational Management

Quality Framework Domain III Promoting Personal & Emotional Well-Being

Quality Framework Domain IV  Promoting Community Participation

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Annual Action Plan


The Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) is a county agency providing support to children and adults who have developmental disabilities. Services are provided to residents of Madison County, Ohio.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please feel free to contact us at 740-852-7050 or email us at

Susan Thompson



Helping people to live, learn and work in our community.

Supporting parents and family members with life-long services where needed.

Supporting a caring community with cost effective services.

Providing stability in services, employment and finances.

Maintaining strong partnerships with other providers.

Madison County
Board of Developmental Disabilities

Vision Statement

We will foster the abilities and dreams of people with developmental disabilities.

Mission Statement

To ensure supports for people with develomental disabilities and their families in making choices which will enrich their lives.



Superintendent: Susan Thompson

500 Elm Street
London, Ohio 43140

Phone: (740) 852-7050
Fax: (740) 852-7051


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