Madison County Treasurer


Tax bills are currently being processed and sent for the 2022 year. Copies of tax bills are also available online at the Madison County Auditor site.

County Treasurer imag001Stacey McKenzie, Madison County Treasurer
Abby Sanders, Deputy Treasurer
Jessica Roby, Deputy Treasurer
Aundrea Robinson, Deputy Treasurer

1 N. Main Street  P.O. Box 675  London, Ohio 43140 - 0675
Phone: (740) 852-1936
Toll Free: (877) 454-3309
Fax: (740) 845 -1775

Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday 
(Closed on Federal Holidays)

Duties of the County Treasurer
*Annual general fund budget of $233,000.00
*3 Full Time Employees
*Collect over $50 million in real estate taxes and $110,000.00 in mobile home taxes.

On the average, 70% of these revenues go to the local schools.

*Chief Investment Officer for the County’s $25 million portfolio. Three goals are enforced through our Investment Policy: Safety, Liquidity and yield.

*Cash Manager, maintain and balancing tax payment records on more than 22,000+ parcels and all monies collected by other departments.

*Balance all funds (160+) daily with the County Auditor.

*Redeems warrants issued by the County Auditor.

1st half due date for real estate 2/14/2022
2nd half due date for real estate 6/17/2022
1st half due date for Mobile Homes 3/1/2022
2nd half d due date for Mobile Homes 8/1/2022

$13.00 fee for returned checks.