Madison County Engineer's Office

General Information

The Madison County Engineer’s Office is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 343.02 miles of county roads, 189 bridges, 1669 culverts, and 6559 signs in Madison County. In addition, the County Ditch Maintenance Program consist of 164 ditches totaling 179.58 miles. Our Department consists of the following: County Engineer, Deputy Engineer, Office Staff, Highway Workers, Supervisors, ans Mechanics; a total of 37 employees.


Highway Maps

Madison County Highway Maps are free to the public. Quantity is limited to two maps per order. Additional maps can be purchased for $2.50 a copy. For additional maps please contact Heidi Sollars at (740) 852-9404 or email . Additional maps must be paid for prior to shipping.


Honorable Bryan Dhume, P.E., P.S.

Contact Information:

Madison County Engineer's Office
825 US 42 NE
London, Ohio 43140

Phone: (740) 852-9404
Fax: (740) 852-9530

Summer Hours: TBD

GPS Monuments

NGS Class C monuments
Brass tablet labeled Madison Co. Engineer, Survey Monument
4' deep, 1' diameter, filled with concrete, with 3' rebar

Request permit for overweight hauling

Request permit for work in county right-of-way