Public Health Nuisances

Public Health Nuisances

Situations with the likelihood of causing disease or injury may be declared a public health nuisance by the Board of Health. In order for this department to investigate a complaint, a complaint form must be filled out, signed, and submitted to the Environmental Health Division.

Examples of public health nuisances include open dumping of trash and garbage, raw sewage spills, rats and other vermin, and the improper storage of waste tires.

Some complaints may be referred to other local/state agencies with authority or resources to conduct the investigation.               

MCPH Online Complaint Form
MCPH Regulation 8 Housing and Hygiene

Unfortunately Madison County Public Health does not have the authority or ability to investigate the following conditions:

Drainage issues not caused by a sewage treatment system
Tall grass, poison ivy, or overgrown properties
Abandoned vehicles and metal junk yards
Animal issues involving noise or number of animals
Animal cruelty
Violation of city, townships, village or county zoning regulations
Child or elderly abuse
Tanning salons, hair salons, barber shops,
Hotels and motels
Removal of abandoned trailers
General operation of manufactured home parks
Suspected drug houses
Any domestic disputes between neighbors or family members