Madison County Children's Services is currently accepting home studies. Home studies may be faxed to Kim Dysert at 740-852-9020 or mailed to Kim's attention at: Madison County DJFS 200 Midway Street London, Ohio 43140.  Kim may also be reached at 740-852-6046. 


Draven is a 5-year-old male who is very outgoing and social. He is very pleasant to be around. He likes being the center of attention.  He likes new experiences but will need support from his family.  He loves to play with his toys, with his current foster brothers and sisters at home. At his foster home, Draven recently helped make a snowman, which he has never done before.

Draven has medically fragile needs. He has developmental and global delays and an IEP to address his educational delays.  He is involved with physical, occupational and speech therapies. Draven would do well in a home that has parents that understand medical interventions, able to participate in therapy sessions with Draven and a family that is dedicated to him now, but also in his future.

Contact: Kim Dysert                        740-852-6046

Ryza photo

Ryza is a very handsome young man who enjoys trying new things and loves sports.  He is very excited about being in a permanent home.  He doesn’t like animals, especially dogs.  Ryza enjoys trying new things and is learning to care for himself and do Independent Living activities.  Ryza wants to learn how to cook and bake and thinks he could be in a home that has two parents or a single dad.  Ryza would like to be an only child or just one other child, if possible.  Ryza really wants to maintain his relationship with his biological father and siblings and feels that he can grow to love another family, if they give him a chance.  If you are interested in Ryza, please contact Kim Dysert at 740-852-6046 or for more information. 

Let me introduce you to Madyson!

Madyson is a very spunky sixteen-year-old who has discovered false eyelashes and make-up.  Madyson has found that shopping and trying new make-up techniques is something that she enjoys pursuing.  Madyson still enjoys animals of any kind.  She would love to be on a farm and learn about different animals that she could care for.  Madyson has a goal of becoming a Vet Tech or possibly an owner of her own pet rescue someday. 

Madyson has struggled in her trauma in her past and she has a very difficult time in trusting people.  Madyson is learning that she can trust some people, but it takes her a very long time for her to share with someone any pain or joy.  Madyson has made significant progress in the past few months and was moved to a group home where she can start doing more independent living activities to prepare herself for adulthood. 

Madyson has discovered that she wants to pursue being a vegetarian and give up any type of meat.  Madyson is conscious about her eating habits and tries to eat healthy and keep herself in shape. 

Madyson has stated that if there would be a family interested in her, she would have to move slow and she would prefer them living in the county where she might be able to have a dog or other animals that she could call her own. 

Jeyshon is a thirteen-year-old teenager who likes all types of sports. Jeyshon enjoys watching
the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians. Jeyshon stated that he would like to play sports
again and be on a team. He really enjoys being outside most of the time. Jeyshon likes to dress
nice and cares about his clothes and how he looks. Jeyshon likes to wear name brand shoes and
feels happy when he looks nice. Jeyshon enjoys listening to music, playing video games and
having new experiences. He has enjoyed going on vacations, going to the amusement parks and
would like to go to a concert one day. Jeyshon can be shy at times but once he trusts you, he is
more willing to share with you and open to you.

Jeyshon would like a family that is either a single dad or a two-parent home, where he can interact
with a dad. Jeyshon would like to live with a family that is active and allow him to explore new
experiences. Jeyshon would like to have a family that supports him in his sporting activities and
allow him to build friendships. Jeyshon wants a family that is there for him through good times
and times that are not so good. Jeyshon wants a family to feel that he belongs somewhere and
that someone does love him for who he is and who he wants to become.

Could you be the family I'm looking for?     key heart